Members IOM Boats


Alan’s Robot (photo Alan Hogg)

Johns_Fractal2_02 Johns_Fractal2_01

John Oswell’s Fractal 2. (photo Alan Hogg)

Daves_MX14_02 Daves_MX14_01

Dave Alston’s MX14 (photo Alan Hogg)



Eric’s 1st IOM, Jazz Sail No 195

Design:- Jazz
Designer:- Graham Bantock
Hull Number:- GBR895
Name:- Jazzabelle
First Registered:- 27/04/1994
Winch:- Graupner Regatta Eco
Rudder Servo:- Futaba S3004


Peter’s Errica, Sail No 58.


Howard Nutt’s Image, Sail No 39.


John’s Pikanto, Sail No 34.


Tony Spaul’s Widget, Sail No 23.


Simon Pope’s early Flat Bed Widget, Sail No 19.

Erics_Fins_01Selection of fins & rudders from start of IOM class to date.

The fin & rudder on the left are the originals from my Bantock designed Jazz, an IOM from the early days of the class (inception date 1988). As can be seen the fin is a wooden laminate with a bulbous ballast. The Fin & rudder on the left are off my Lintel so both will be David Creed takes on current design. The fins between are showing the change in thinking for ballast shape.


Erics_Tonic_02Erics 2nd IOM, Tonic, Sail No 28

Designer:- Alex Austin

Hull Number:- 1711

Boat Name:- Joann

First Registered:- 30/10/1996

Beam:- 160mm

Winch:- Vigor VSD22YMB (Eurgle)

Rudder Servo:-  Futaba S3014 water resistant servo


Rob Wilson’s Fractal II, Sail No 97. (photo PJ Ballington)

Robs_Fractal_03 Robs_Fractal_02

Rob’s Fractal II

Designed by Graham Bantock

Built by Al McMeekin


Eric Finley’s 3rd IOM, Lintel, Sail No 28.

Design:- Lintel

Designer:- David Creed

Hull Number:- 1419

Name:- Karic

First Registered:- 16/04/2008

Winch:- Whirlwind

Rudder Servo:- Futaba S3014 water resistant servo

Sails:- sailsetc


Mike Weeks Errica, Sail No 31.Mikes_Errica_01


Don Charlesworth’s Isis, Sail No 77.


Rob Wilson at the 2013 Nationals with his Gadget, Sail No 04 (photo Sandra Smith)


Steve Haywood’s Widget. Sail No 57.Steves_Widget_02

Widget, named Shiny Shovel, built by Philip Playle?, first registered 28/07/2011, Hull No 3457. Purchased by Steve 24/05/2013, as his second IOM.

Fitted with RMG280D winch with 42mm s/t drum, Savox SC1252 rudder servo, Spektrum Dx6i and MR3000 Rx running on 850mha LiPo’s. Cat Sails with Sailsetc mast and fittings, and lightweight jib booms.

Steve has found this boat is better suited to inland sailing especially in the tricky conditions which can sometimes prevail at Charnwood Water. Not as fast as some boats, but picks up quickly and tacks well, best suited to close club racing.


Steve Haywood’s Old Lintel, Sail No 44.

Lintel, Named CTII, built by David Creed, first registered 03/07/2006, Hull No 2644.

Purchased by Steve 06/10/2012, as his first R/C Boat. Fitted with RMG280D winch with 26mm drum, and HiTec HS635HB rudder servo. Spektrum Dx6i and MR3000 Rx. Graphite Sails with David Potter Carbon Goosenecks.

Steve found this was a fast boat in top of rig wind conditions, but was slow to pick up and lacked manoverability in lighter /shifty wind conditions. Sold 22/02/14.